Those with an addiction who attempt to get sober on their own will likely experience relapse and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. On the other end, those who seek help from a drug rehabilitation facility like Dodson Recovery are here for you. Our quality addiction recovery center in Short Hills, New Jersey can provide its clients with a monitored environment to safely detox from drugs or alcohol.

There are several types of treatment recovery programs offered. Inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare recovery center in Short Hills provides clients with innovative and effective addiction recovery programs that are individualized based on their needs. Dodson Recovery is a network addiction treatment facilities that provides around-the-clock support during the detoxification process and beyond.

The clients who choose an inpatient program reside at the facility for the duration of the treatment. Inpatient treatment programs can last from 30 to 90 days, which is based on the circumstances of the clients. Some factors that influence the duration of treatment include dual diagnosis mental health treatment for a co-occurring disorder that requires careful, focused treatment from professionals.

Clients who partake in Dodson Recovery outpatient programs will live outside the facility and receive treatment as they visit the center throughout the week. Outpatient programs can be ideal for clients who don’t have a severe dependence and want to maintain their obligations. Because outpatient clients are at an increased risk for drug use because they spend most of their time outside the facility, the staff at our Short Hills drug rehab clinic provides continuous support to ensure outpatient clients do not relapse while outside the facility.

Aftercare programs are essential for a successful recovery. When a client completes an inpatient or outpatient recovery program, aftercare treatment is highly recommended for continuing support. In addition, aftercare programs also provide clients with opportunities to learn new skills that are essential for a life of sobriety. Aftercare programs at Dodson Recovery also help clients develop a strategy to recognize and overcome stress and triggers that can lead to relapse.

There are some questions individuals should ask themselves before they choose a drug rehab facility. It is important to choose our Short Hills addiction recovery facility because we can treat all kinds of addictions and co-occurring disorders. Furthermore, Dodson Recovery drug rehab centers offer individual and group therapy sessions. Individuals and group therapy are crucial for recovery, our clients are provided with the most effective counseling methods to ensure recovery is a positive and successful experience.

The rehabilitation process at our addiction treatment facility in Short Hills involves intake, detox, therapy, and aftercare. When clients choose our Short Hills drug detox clinic, they will be asked questions during intake that will help the staff at Dodson Recovery develop a personalized recovery program. If necessary, dual diagnosis treatment will also be incorporated. During dual diagnosis therapy, clients will be provided with mental health addiction treatment that will take your overall comprehensive health into account. Research has shown there is a link between mental health disorders and addiction, and treating both simultaneously will increase the chances clients remaining sober. Our Short Hills substance abuse treatment facility should always offer dual diagnosis treatment plans that are well-rounded and structured to meet the needs of the client. Dual diagnosis treatment plans can be incorporated into inpatient or outpatient programs.

The Dodson Recovery addiction treatment center in Short Hills ensures clients are safe and all health and fire codes are current. In addition, the facility has the capability to serve handicapped clients to make it easier for them to maneuver. The environment of the rehab is designed to provide clients with a comfortable setting to help them through recovery. If clients have any issues, they are encouraged to speak openly with the staff.

At our addiction treatment center in Short Hills, New Jersey, our goal is to help clients learn how to lead a life of sobriety and re-establish trust in friends and family members. Addiction is a disease that is best treated in a safe and comfortable drug addiction treatment facility. Although taking the first step can be difficult, it is the deciding factor that will eventually result in a life free of drugs. With plenty of support, a quality addiction recovery program, and motivation to stop using drugs, an individual is not as likely to relapse.


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