Are you struggling with a substance abuse problem and wondering if a drug rehab facility is a right choice for you? You’re in the right place.
Many people enter our substance abuse treatment facility worried that it “won’t work” or that they’re “too sick” to get results. We want you to know there *is* hope. We’ve helped many addicts who felt hopeless find recovery and start a new way of life, free from the pain of active addiction.

Addiction is a disease, but you don’t have to suffer from it any longer. The treatment services at our Broken Arrow, Oklahoma substance abuse treatment facility help people from all walks of life find recovery. You deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life. Please give us a call to learn more about our addiction treatment centers.

Getting Clean at our Addiction Treatment Center

It doesn’t matter where you came from, as long as you know where you’re going. At our Broken Arrow, Oklahoma drug rehab center, our clients are moving forward toward healing and a life free from addictive substances.

Getting clean isn’t always fun or easy, especially during the first few days. We highly recommend that you participate in our drug detox clinic. Our staff will supervise your detox and make you as comfortable as possible as your body begins the process of eradicating harmful substances from your body and beginning the healing process.

As you detox, you may experience pain or strong emotions that come and go. It can be a roller coaster for the first few days. Our detox center has a supportive, professional staff that will help you get through those tough few days so that you can get clean and enter an addiction recovery center after detox.

Our Drug Treatment Programs

At our drug treatment programs, our staff is experienced and empathetic. An addiction recovery facility is a safe space where you should feel comfortable exploring your emotions and your past. We have a great community at our facilities that provides support and care when you need it most.

Behavioral therapy, family therapy, group and individual therapy may be a part of your individual treatment plan. Addiction is a disease that affects many aspects of your life, including your mental health, relationships, and career prospects. We want to help you heal and learn to become trustworthy again.

If you struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder, dual diagnosis mental health treatment will be a part of your recovery plan. This will afford those clients who require the support of dual diagnosis with access to the treatment that will give them the best possible chance of attaining recovery goals.

Staying Clean and Living a Great Life

Once you have completed the treatment program that best suits your needs, there’s still work to do to stay clean and sober. Life outside the treatment center can be stressful and confusing. That’s why it is so important to have a support network in place. We help you decide which aftercare services are right for you and have a plan in place for relapse prevention.

Getting clean is rewarding and a million times better than living life in addiction. You deserve to live the life you want, not the life that your disease has planned out for you. Addiction is truly an insidious disease which is best defeated through a supportive addiction recovery program.

If you need help, it’s just a phone call away. Reaching out is the hardest step, but you’re already on the road to recovery. Let us help you find your next step.


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