If you’re looking for a way out of the pain of addiction, you’re in the right place. We want you to know that if you or somebody you love has a problem with drugs, there is help.

Understanding Addiction
Addiction can be a painful, overwhelming, and frightening disease for both the person who is suffering and the people in their inner circle.

A person who is addicted may exhibit dramatic changes in their behavior and lifestyle. Relationships with family and loved ones may suffer as the addicted person needs more and more of their drug of choice to get high. Finances may suffer. There may even be arrests for illegal activity. Addiction can be progressive, as it gets worse as the body needs more of the substance to feel normal.

Addiction is a disease, but there is treatment available and recovery is possible. Our Redmond, Washington addiction recovery center has the tools, staff, and specialized training to help you start the journey to recovery.

Getting Clean
Getting clean on your own can be painful, scary, and confusing, especially if you’re using opiates. Many people who try to get clean on their own fail because they don’t have an adequate support network in place to cope with the ups and downs of detoxing. This isn’t your fault, as getting clean is hard. Withdrawal symptoms can be overwhelming. Many people who should go to a drug rehab center try to get clean on their own, but ultimately can’t.

This is why we highly recommend our Redmond, Washington drug detox clinic as the first step to getting clean. We offer a warm, supportive environment where you can detox from substances free of judgment and outside stressors. Our professional staff is available around the clock to offer support, and structured activities throughout the day keep our clients focused on the ultimate goal: getting clean and reaching recovery in a safe space.

The Addiction Treatment Center
When you enter our addiction recovery facility, you’re entering a safe, inclusive space where you will begin the journey to your new way of life. Our addiction recovery center staff will help you develop an individual treatment plan based on your needs and goals.

Many of our clients come to us with a co-occurring mental health disorder. In other words, they may have a substance abuse disorder alongside a co-occurring mental health disorder. We’re familiar with co-occurring mental health issues and we make sure that addressing these issues is part of the plan we make with you. You can’t recover from addiction if you are still suffering from an untreated disorder. Mental health is very important and we want all of our clients to have the chance to discover their best selves in recovery, which is why we offer dual diagnosis mental health treatment to those clients struggling with both addiction and a co-occurring disorder.

Therapy for Clients

You should expect that inside our substance abuse treatment facility, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your lifestyle, find your triggers for using, and learn about yourself and your behaviors. One-on-one, group therapy, and other evidence-based treatment methods are a part of everyone’s customized treatment plan.

Our clients usually find that they make deep friendships at our drug rehab facility that can last for life. The intimacy and trust that you develop with your peers in our center as you grow can be priceless, building a foundation for your next adventure, wherever you go.

After Treatment, What’s Next?
Once you have graduated from your program at our addiction treatment facility, you will return to your life outside. This can be a bit overwhelming at first, especially because you will be exposed to triggers and maybe even temptation once you’ve gone back home.

Our addiction recovery program will help you fill in the gaps with a plan of action for when you go back home. This may include outpatient therapy or 12-step meetings. You’ll help us formulate this plan so we can address your fears and concerns about going back to your home and family.


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